Myscéal: A Deeper Analysis of an Interactive Lifelog Search Engine

Author(s): Ly-Duyen Tran Manh-Duy Nguyen Binh T. Nguyen Liting Zhou  Abstract: There is a growing number of lifelogging retrieval systems that have been introduced in several lifelogging workshops and sessions. Across all systems at the LSC, which is an annual...

Personal Data Stores (PDS): A Review

Author(s): Khalid U. Fallatah Mahmoud Barhamgi Charith Perera Abstract: Internet services have collected our personal data since their inception. In the beginning, the personal data collection was uncoordinated and was limited to a few selected data types such as...

A Study on ML-Based Sleep Score Model Using Lifelog Data

Author(s): Jiyong Kim Minseo Park Abstract: The rate of people suffering from sleep disorders has been continuously increasing in recent years, such that interest in healthy sleep is also naturally increasing. Although there are many health-care industries and...