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Our early warning alarms, combined with real-time monitoring enables proactive intervention to better manage fatigue risk and eliminate microsleep on-site.

Dedicated App

Your workforce can monitor their fatigue levels in real-time via Bluetooth.  The LifeBand connects to the LifeApp, which is available from the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Long life battery

Means one less device for operators to remember to plug-in every night. (7x longer battery life compared to previous model).

No calibration required

Unlike other fatigue monitoring products, the LifeBand doesn’t require set up before every use. Operators can get on their way quicker.

Predictive technology

Life utilizes the gold standard in sleep science – EEG Technology. Supervisors can experience peace of mind knowing that Life measures, not guesses an operator’s fatigue level so they can get home safe, every day.